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Fundraiser Box


We have achieved so much in the last 4 years with donations of medical supplies and fundraising for hospitals, universities and charities across the United Kingdom. Our new approach to assisting fundraising events is with our new display fundraiser box.

We will supply any university, hospital or charity in the UK only with our small counter size fundraiser box (Dimensions 22cm x 22cm x 17cm). The items it will offer will be our famous nurse patterned scissors, fob watches and other small goodies at your request.

How does this really benefit you?

This is completely free of charge. 

You control when and where you display the fundraiser box. This being charity office, hospital/university canteen, or student union shop. Or anywhere else that you find most appropriate to maximize donations.

We will donate 20% of the entire sales taken.

Monies raised will be donated to the agreed registered charity/department for example a ward, awareness day or student union to help with future event costs, student wellness days or fun activities. 

As a student nurse/midwife this can be used to raise funds for your placements abroad to assist with costs for accommodation, flights etc.

We will replenish stock on request when getting low any time, stock is limitless! 

Donations are limitless.

If you have any questions, please email or submit a request form below.

**We are not a registered charity we support other charities and fundraising events in hospitals and universities in accordance with the fundraising regulators guidelines.

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