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Personalised Instagram Photo Frame

You can order your own personalised Instagram photo frame for your graduation ball. We have them manufactured using hardened Corex Board unlike other cheap frames that use thin cheap plastic which break easily before you even start your celebration. We use bold bright acrylic colour printing which is the highest quality.

  • Approximately 23" x 32" (58.42cm x 81.28cm) in size (A1)

  • Made from high quality 6mm Corex board.

  • Completely water resistant - suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

  • Simply have your guests hold up the frame to take some fun photographs.

If you choose us for your photography we only charge £34.99.

If you only wish to only purchase a photo frame the price is £39.99

Please discuss this when booking your Graduation Ball with Coopers Care UK and we can add it to your Graduation Package.

If you only want to order the photo frame please email

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