In stock next day delivery. Due to demand they will not have our logo on anymore, so plain black.
X1 Face Mask.
Sealed in packaging.
Reusable and washable face mask.
Machine and hand washable.
Made with 100% cotton.
Double layered.
Dust proof filter respiratory mask.
Elasticated ear hoops for secure fitting and fitting for all sizes.
Eco friendly.
Black outside and ear straps.
White inside.
Our recommendation is to wash once a week, depending on frequency of use.
Can supply in bulk order for any size businesses with discount on larger orders. Email
Disclaimer - This is for social use only, not recommended to be used in hospital settings. Like all masks this does not guarantee immunity to viruses. This is a precautionary measure to minimum the risk, of contracting virus’s.

X1 Double Layered Face Mask 100% Cotton (Reusable)


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