Ideal for infection prevention and control, easy to sterilise.
Suitable for Nurses, Midwives and other Medical Professionals.
Available in 2 colours.
2 Perfect sizes 38mm-40mm and 42mm-44mm.
Compatible with all Apple watch series 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1.
With a quick slide from your watch band, you can safely attach your Apple watch to your uniform.
This silicone pin fob is specially designed for individuals that cannot wear their watches on their wrist while at work. 
Midwives, Nurses, Doctors, Healthcare professionals, Baristas, food handlers and more can finally use their Apple watch at work. 
Safely attach your Apple watch to your uniform with a security pin which keeps it securely attached to uniform. 

2 perfect sizes-38 mm - 40 mm and 42 mm-44 mm.
Two colours available Pink or Blue.

*Apple watch not included*

Please note this is a compatible accessory designed to fit Apple watches. This product has no connection with Apple Inc.

Apple Fob Watch Strap For Nurse Midwife Doctor (Pink)