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This brand new item designed by us is the perfect tool for any healthcare professional or student who would like to master the skill of cannulation and venipuncture. You get a full kit which includes the vein model, needles, syringes and blood collection bottle. Perfect tool to practice from home or at university with friends before you do it for real on patients. How to use it? Simply fill the model vein with tap water and add red food dye if you wish to give it that real visualisation of blood. Once you have done this you can then practice inserting the butterfly needle into the vein and attach the blood bottle to collect your sample. You can reuse this model thousands of times. You can fill the syringe and practice inserting it directly into the vein when you successfully insert the needle the balloon will inflate which can then be used to reinsert the needle to take a blood sample or cannula. You can also familiarise yourself with your trust equipment and use it on this model. Just get permission from your placement mentor to take a cannula or needles to practice which is usually not a problem when it to help with your training. Master the skill before doing it for real and help remove that stress and anxiety of doing it on a real person. See demonstration video here:

Cannulation and Venipuncture Model Set x2 (BWAF)

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