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As a student doing an injection with a patient is a very nerve racking procedure for many. It is also a competency that you require to have signed off for your progression each year of your training. This is one of the best little inventions to practice different injection techniques from home or even take to university with you and practice with friends. What do you get? Injection Pad approx 8x8cm. X1 Velcro strap for pad to place on a friend or family members arm/leg/ stomach to practice talking with the “patient” to inform them of the procedure you’re about to perform and gain consent. Needles NOT included. You can get needles from your placement just ask your mentor or nurse you’re working with. This should not be a problem if you explain its for home training with your model. Pad can be used hundreds/thousands of times. Needle will leave a very small mark but not affecting the performance of the pad. For solution to inject you can use tap water.

50% OFF Scissor Set | Practice Injection Pad

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