This is a Compatible/Replacement Fob Strap to fit Fitbit Versa 1/2 model watches.All our straps are imprinted with Coopers Care UK™ underneath.

These Compatible/Replacement fob straps fit Fitbit Versa 1/2 models. Select your favourite colour.These are suitable for all healthcare/veterinary professionals to ensure you keep bare below the elbows. This is to ensure you comply with infection control policies in almost all healthcare settings. These are also suitable for any other worker who does not want anything on your wrist while working such as food handlers.They are the new alternative to the standard fob watches if you already have the compatible watch required.

How to use it?

Remove your current wrist strap as normal, and attach the fob strap securely locking it into place.Please note: Your watch is no longer against your skin so the watch will not monitor your heart rate. However it will still accurate record your steps as normal using the build in GPS which does not require motion of your wrist or foot (as healthcare professionals we tend to wear them here).Please note this is a compatible/replacement accessory strap for Fitbit watches.*Fitbit watch not included*

Fitbit Versa 1/2 Model Nurse Fob Strap!