Design of this model is simple and clear, buttock region is marked out with dotted line to teach students how to measure distance away from sciatic nerve. Injection model can be injected using normal saline or water. Squeezed out injection pad after use, quick and easy set up. Ideal product for students to practise .

1. There is a mark to show the right position for injection;
2. The injection model is easy clean.

✅ Perfect for all Students.
✅ Accurately locate injection site.
✅ Practice Intramuscular Injection Depth
✅ Professionally Designed Model.
✅ Durable and Highest Quality.
✅ Designed with Input of Medical Professionals.
✅ Reusable and Long Lasting.
✅ NHS, Private Healthcare and University Supplier.

Intramuscular Injection Buttocks


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