Now designed with 3 pre cut incisions in one model,with new lifelike skin technology for the most realistic suturing practice! Improved tougher material to last much longer than previous designs.These new improved episiotomy suturing simulators provide a realistic way for students to learn good surgical techniques. The simulators provide students with a variety of repair experiences without the constraint of time and concern for safety, which are factors with a live patient. They handle far more effectively than other designs currently on the market, in addition to add to the student experience we also offer simulation blood and fluid that is entered into the simulation vagina which has proven to greatly benefit the visualisation and touch experience. The simulators can be used by the student in a learning lab with an instructor, or by the student individually in the clinical setting just prior to a patient experience. They are also useful as homework teaching aids that can be signed out at night and returned the next day.In addition to being portable, the lifelike texture allows the learner to develop a "feel" for instrument handling, tension on suture, and the advantages of one method of tying knots over another. We recommend you order the model stand to give it realistic position when training, as well as simulation blood and fluid. We supply worldwide. Customers include the NHS, private healthcare sector, universities and personal use for training.SpecificationsIncludes:Midline, left mediolateral and right mediolateral episiotomiesWeight (Metric): 1.5kgProduct Type: 3 Way Episiotomy Suturing SimulatorBulk orders, please contact by email for discount prices available and invoice request.

Midwifery Triple Incision Episiotomy Suture Training Model Coopers Care x

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