Perfect Nurse Midwifery Starter Kit.

Perfect gift for any student or qualified nurse.

Bundle saving of £8.91

What do you get?
✅ Hero Pin
✅ Fob Watch
✅Bandage Scissors (Rounded blade ends patient safe)
✅ ID Reel (Extendable for easy use of cards)
✅ Double Sided ID Badge Holder
✅ Pen Torch (For Neuro Obs)
✅ Nurse Pen
✅ Pocket Pen Holder (Holds 3 pens - Perfect for any uniform to save them pens dropping on he floor or in worse)
✅ CPR Keyring
✅ Ampule Opener (Save your fingertips when they shatter trying to open them)

Should cost £33.90

Nurse Midwifery Starter Kit