This part transparent model allows observing anatomical pelvic structure and practicing of the proper insertion. Trainees can experience actual resistance and pressure as they would with a real patient.

* The relative position of the pelvis and bladder can be observed through the transparent pubic bone. The position of the pelvis is fixed. The position of the bladder and the angle of the inserted catheter can be observed entering the bladder. (Bladder is red, so balloon inflation visibility is limited.)
* The resistance and pressure of the insertion catheter is similar to that of a real human body.
* Practice the steps of inserting the catheter, and observe the position of the catheter entering the bladder.
* The clinical standard double or triple lumen can be used. The genitals can be raised to form a 60° angle with the abdomen, reflecting three bends and three stenosis.
* “Urine” will flow out when the catheter is properly inserted.

Skills Gained

- Catheter placement
- Withdrawal of catheter
- Bladder irrigation
- Correct handling of anatomy


Anatomy: Ureter, bladder, urethra, genitals
Realism: Supple urethra and resistant sphincter providing realistic response
Key Features:
Urine (water) actually flows when catheter is inserted properly
Trainees can feel realistic urethrostenosis and curvature
The penis can be adjusted to make an angle of 60° with abdomen
An external fluid bag provides simulated urine, using non-return valve technology to ensure that the catheter is removed without leakage

Part Transparent Catheterisation Female Catheter Training Model