We are the first company that offer personalised travel cups that will be completely designed by the customer!


Order your own personalised "Keep Calm" travel cup below enter what you would like someone OR yourself to "Keep Calm" about! "Keep Calm & Create You Own!"


It is now required that all staff are to use non spill cups in any clinical setting. So place your order today, and receive within 2 days! Many templates coming soon to choose from or send us your own!


We use high gloss printing and inc for all our prints and are assembled by us. Stainless steel inside to hold the heat for a long period of time (Up to 2 hours aprox). Screw on top, with pop up lid to drink from safely reducing risk of spillage.


Professionally printed, unique personalised look.


Perfect for a birthday present, graduation gift or special friend.


Examples of orders: "Keep Calm I'm A Nurse" "Keep Calm I'm Student Nurse" "Keep Calm And Call The Doctor" "Keep Calm It's A Joke" "Keep Calm Your On Call" "Keep Calm It's To Late Now" "Keep Calm It's 5AM" "Keep Calm It's Only An Early" "Keep Calm Your A Band 5" "Keep Calm Be Cool" "Keep Calm Or It'll Never Happen"


If you prefer to have your own message or quote along with an image then use the option in payments and enter anything you like. Including text colour at end of message. If you would also like a personal picture printed on the flask then then please send the image to staff@CoopersCare.com along with your order number. There is NO additional charge for printing your own picture on the flasks! If no details of prefered colour is given in the detail order section then colour will be printed in black and white to remain netrual. 



Travel Flask/Cup Safe Non-Spil Personalised 700mls


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