Simulation blood.
Non beading, non staining

Produces a realistic fresh, running blood

500ml bottle

Vermillion FX Runny Blood produces a realistic, fresh, running blood for use on skin, costume and prosthetic pieces including silicone for medical simulations.
The formula is non beading as well as non staining and the consistency is not as heavy as other syrup based bloods resulting in a light dispersion onto the skin where it seeps into the skins natural texture creating a really realistic result.
Available in two shades: the crimson red is a lighter colour more expected from a fresh wound whilst the oxblood red is darker and recreates older blood or deoxygenated blood from a vein etc.
Shake bottle well prior to application and ensure that skin or piece is prepped clean and dry.
Vermillion Runny Blood is formulated using water soluble dyes which means that it is removed using soapy water, repeat until all residue is removed.
Vermillion FX have extensively fabric tested their products but a patch test is always recommended as no guarantees can be made against staining.
Soak fabric in cold water then (if suitable) machine wash.
Can be spot cleaned from more delicate fabrics using a stain remover.


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Simulation Blood (Large 500ml)

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