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Coopers Care UK Sales Brand Rep

Sales/Brand Representative 

We have launched a new exciting role for any healthcare professional to become a Coopers Care UK Sales or Brand Rep! You can choice what option best suits you! 

Sales Rep

We will send you one of our Sales Rep boxes filled with our best selling goodies such as our patterned bandage scissors, clamps, fob watches, stationary, ID accessories and much more!

We will discuss your requirements for goodies and send what ever you need! 

Most sales reps will start with approx 50 items. We will provide you with all the pricing details but most items are £5 each, based on this for an example when all goodies are sold you will receive £50 commission for the sales. This works out at 20% from every item sold.

There is no cost what so ever to you, there is also no pressure to sell the goodies within a certain period! But I doubt you will struggle to sell, you'll be wanting more!

If you're a student nurse or midwife this is an excellent opportunity to make some extra cash as many of our reps promote on their social media to other students! They also take the goodies box to university selling them to their cohort and every other cohort of all fields! You can also take the goodies box to placement and you'll be surprised how much you'll sell just in the break room to other healthcare professionals!

Some students even use this as a fundraising idea for a charity they support or even to help with costs for elective placements abroad! Its your choice!

If you refer someone to us as a Sales Rep you will also receive £10 store credit as a referral bonus.*

Brand Rep

As a Brand Rep we will send you some of our best goodies free of charge to keep, in return you will help promote Coopers Care UK on social media such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. You will be required to post photos of our products and tagging us. Providing our website or our Amazon Prime Store for other healthcare professionals to make purchase. You'll also be required to place our website in your Bio, and include a unique discount code assigned to you for 10% off for your followers.

You don't need to be a big social media influencer or have thousands of followers to be eligible. Some of our best brand reps have around 300+ followers and do very well with promotions. The more sales we receive with your discount code the more goodies we will send to you!

If you refer someone to us as a Brand Rep you will also receive £10 store credit as a referral bonus.*

All you need to do is apply below, and we'll be in touch to get you started as soon as possible!

*Terms & Conditions Apply.

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